About Creativity in Recovery

Creativity in recovery means remaining creative while you are in recovery and being creative about your journey of recovery. You were creative while using, now your recovery will allow you to continue being creative with an opportunity for exploration of new areas made possible by sobriety and recovery.  Now is the time to use your natural creativity to enhance your recovery.

This blog will be a place to post ideas, information, tools, techniques, and writings about recovery and creativity.  I will also share my ideas and musings on creativity in recovery. You and other individuals who are in recovery are welcome to submit creative ideas and work to this blog.

It’s my personal belief that all of us can be creative! Many of us have been fearful to risk creative endeavors (I am in this group) and now are learning that taking risks to create is healthy. Please share some of your risks and creations with me and I will post them on the blog.  From time to time I will post about my own risks taken in creative work.

My main comfort area is photography and I will post some of my work, but more importantly the biggest risks I take will be in fields of creativity were I am not comfortable. I have always feared criticism from others but enjoyed being surprised by positive comments or compliments.

Knowledge that the fear and reaction that I have about others commenting on my creativity is no doubt related to my having grown up in a alcoholic family and while that knowledge is comforting, it is not a surefire solution to my emotional situation regarding creativity. Hopefully, we will grow together. Knowledge needs to be coupled with positive activity in recovery and a 12-step program.

This then is the place for us to share our creativity, take risks without fear, be creative without judgment, and continue our creativity in recovery journey.

Jim Grant

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