Guest Post

My friend John Leary travels everywhere and thankfully he always takes photos. John is our first guest blogger and his work is stunning.

John Leary says:

         I am a hiker, biker, mountain climber and world traveler. Most of my photos are point and shoot. I see something and fire away with whatever my camera is set to. Fortunately most settings are correct to the current conditions. Of the five photos submitted the Annapurna photo is the only one I had time to reset ISO.

Mt. Hood photo was a fortuitous combination of 15” of new snow and atmospheric conditions. Shot with a Canon PowerShot S500 in auto mode while looking back at team members as I led the climb.

The giraffe friends were shot from a vehicle on the Serengeti with a NIKON D50 f/5.6 1/400 sec at 190mm.

Sheepherder’s Daughter was shot with a Canon PowerShot S500 f/4.9, 1/100 sec, 22mm, just after my wife handed her the orange. She was living in a stone and grass hut at 16,000’ in the Huayhuash Range of the Andes Mts. She does not see many foreigners as you can tell by the look of wonder and bewilderment. We went off the beaten track to visit the camp of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates of “Touching the Void” fame.

Little Girl on a Big Bike was a quick, lucky shot as she glanced a peek at me. Shot with a NIKON D90, ISO 200 at 200mm as I was shooting landscapes of the nearby Mekong River in northern Cambodia.

Annapurna was one of those moments where I ran fast for a camera. We had not seen it through the clouds all day and just as the sun was setting we had this fabulous, small spot of color on the lower portion of the mountain. I got off three shots before it disappeared. Shot with a NIKON D90 at ISO 800, 105 mm (cropped).

I am not working on any specific project. I just love taking photos but usually only carry a camera when I am on a trip, a climb or an epic hike.

Jim says John’s photos can be seen at his Picasa site.

~ by redheadedw on March 4, 2012.

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